After the first two events the second leg of greenbacks and buckles is heating up! Thanks to all who came out and shoutout to the sub juniors who are turning out in force to win a buckle!


August Registered Tournaments
(Please check Shooterspage before you travel)

August 8th, Wilderness Gun Club
August 14th& 15th, 3D Shooting Center
August 14th, Bridgeview
August 21st, Covey Rise
August 21st, Red Chute
August 28th, Ed’s
August 28th & 29th, Wild Wings ($&B Event)

Greenbacks & Buckles Events
July 16th & 17th Wilderness Gun Club
July 24th and 25th Red Chute
August 28th & 29th, Wild Wings

 Don’t forget to put the Greenbacks and Buckles events on your calendar.  The second Leg starts at Wilderness on July 16th and 17th.  Registration is on Scorechaser.  This is your initial chance to rack up points in the first event of the Second Leg.  Remember, you earn one point for every broken target and Targets Only counts.  There will be 14 separate winners (a person can only win in one category).  So come early and stay late breaking targets. The person who breaks the most targets in his/her category will win either all cash ($0.06 per broken target) or
cash ($0.03 per broken target) and a Trophy Buckle.  A monthly leaderboard will be published.  At this point in the competition anyone can win!

In the first Leg of the Greenbacks and Buckles Race about half of the LSCA membership participated and broke more than 113,000 targets.  Put the rest of the second Leg of the Greenbacks and Buckle Race locations on your calendar.
South Central Regional Update“Whether you are just a window shopper or ready to indulge in an end-of-summer shopping spree, we’ve got it all for you at South Central.  You can expect to see all of the hard to find vendors located in vendor row, don’t miss out on those items you have had your eye on!  Entrants are also over 450 and climbing.”Julia Gilman, Event Coordinator
 Note:  Register on Scorechaser

Have a safe Summer and remember the top three Safety Rules.

1.  Always point your shotgun in a safe direction.
2.  Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3.  Always keep your shotgun unloaded until you are ready to shoot.

Dan Lavergne
President, LSCA

Questions or Comments please contact Dan Lavergne @337-962-3822 or



Louisiana Sporting Clays AssociationNewsletter
May 2021

June 2021 Registered Shoots 
(Please verify shoot information before you travel).

June 12th, 3D Shooting Center
June 12th, Covey Rise
June 18th & 19th, Wilderness Gun Club
June 26th & 27th, Wild Wings(Buckle Race Shoot)
June 26th, Ed’s Sporting Clays Range
June 26th, Bayou Country Sporting Clays Range

Notice of Board of Directors Meeting
 The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held at the State championship at Covey Rise on Saturday May 15th at 4PM.  Per the LSCA Bylaws, the election of officers and Board of Directors for the upcoming 2021/2023 term will be held at this meeting.  LSCA members are welcome to attend and witness the workings of the LSCA.  
Members Nominated for the LSCA Officers and Board of Directors for the 2021/2023 term.

Dan Lavergne, President*
Thomas Sparks, Vice President (webmaster)
Mike Dunn, Secretary-Treasurer*
David King, North Zone
Mike Murphy, North Zone
Thomas Sparks, East Zone
Matthew Lorio, East Zone
Bert Stelly, West Zone
Steve Hollier, West Zone
Dan Lavergne, National Delegate**
Jim Russo, National Delegate**
Brian Carroll, National Delegate**
Eddie Baker, National Delegate**
Eddie Baker, Bridgeview Gun Club**
Ronnie Triche, Bayou Country Gun Club**
Jim Geisler, III, Covey Rise Gun Club**
Josie Richard, Wilderness Gun Club**
Ed Simon, Ed’s Sporting Clays Range**
Shannon Dowies, 3D Shooting Center**
Brian Carroll, Natchitoches Shooting Range**
Paul Williamson, Red Chute Shotgun Sports Club**
Dickie Jester, Los Paloma Sporting Range**
Jeffery Smith, Wild Wings***  Bylaws amended in 2021 to eliminate term limits.
** Automatic member of the Board of Directors per Bylaws.

Additional nominations should be sent to Richard Laughlin, Secretary of the LSCA.
LSCA Logo Shirts
Rene Latiolais and Jim Russo have teamed up to provide a first (small) batch of nice LSCA Logo Shirts.  This is our first effort to promote the LSCA through logo items.  Many thanks to Rene for volunteering to head up this project (and do all the hard work).  The LSCA needs $15 per shirt to recover the cost of the shirt.  Rene will bring the shirts to Registered shoots, his cell is 337-278-8521.  We will evaluate the demand for LSCA logo items using this first test (small) batch of shirts. 
State Championship & Regional Championship Station Sponsor Signs
LSCA is promoting Station Sponsor signs for the State Championship and Regional Championship at Covey Rise.  All proceeds go to support these events.  The cost of a sign is $350.  If the sign is purchased before the State Championship it will be displayed at both the State and Regional Championships.  (Then we will use the same sign at the Regional Championship.)  Contact Dan Lavergne for more information.  A detailed flyer will be sent to the membership at a later date.
Last Minute Reminder
 April 24th & 25th, Red Chute Shotgun Sports BUCKLE RACE SHOOT.
May 8th, Natchitoches, BUCKLE RACE SHOOT.
May 13 to 16th, Covey Rise, State Championship and BUCKLE RACE SHOOT.
June 26th & 27th, Wild Wings, BUCKLE RACE SHOOT. 
Questions or comments, please contact Dan Lavergne at 337-962-3822 or 

Louisiana Sporting Clays Association
Greenbacks and Buckle Race
Results as of March 2021

Greenback & Buckle Race Summary
Race 1:  Wilderness Gun Club: 48 Shooters, 8,300 targets, 5049 broken, 61% success rate. 
Race 2:  Ed’s Gun Club:  58 shooters, 9400 targets, 7242 broken, 77% success rate.
Race 3:  Bayou Country:  42 shooters, 6,900 targets, 4,436 broken, 64% success rate.
Race 4:  Red Chute — Barksdale Saturday / Sunday April 24/25. 
Race 5:  Natchitoches Sportsman’s Assoc.  Saturday May 8th.
Bonus:  LSCA State Championship May 13/18th. Covey Rise Gun Club.
Race 6:  Wild Wings, Saturday/Sunday June 26th&27th.

Congratulations to all of the point leaders as of the third $&B Race in March.  Remember you earn one point for every target broken and RESHOOTS count.  So come early and shoot late — BREAK LOTS of TARGETS!   The prize, will be awarded (in his/her Class/Concurrent) for the most total cumulative points earned at the conclusion of June 2021 $&B Race.  The prize will be:  the shooters choice of either $0.06 per target broken or $0.03 per target broken and a beautiful trophy buckle.
 Our third $&B event at Bayou Country Sporting Clays Range saw 44 shooters shoot (at) 6,900 Registered Targets and successfully break 4,436  (64%).  It was a great turnout, especially considering all of the fundraiser Sporting Clays same day activity in the area.   A big Thank You to all the folks at Bayou Country for your hospitality (and the birthday cake was delicious!).
Leaderboard as of March

March  Total Points
M1Michael Latiolais 653
M2J Dan Lavergne 576
M3Nathan Gray 463
M4Michael Dunn 371
AA1Blaine Maturin 274
AA2Ricky Perez 243
AA3Gary Rudick 198
AA4Grady Gibbons 160
A1Kevin Ledoux 231
A2John Landry 214
A3Cody Mcelroy 181
A4Cameron Dowies 172
B1James Smith 203
B2R P Breaux 188
B3Joseph Darby 177
B4Sidney Lyons 169
C1Gary Clark 174
C2Matthew Arceneaux138
C3Caleb Mayard 125
C4Bobby Raburn 115
D1Scott Doucet  333
D2Rene Latiolais 324
D3Jeff Gaudet 227
D4Satish Arora 201
E1Timothy Kolb 50
E2Julian Richards 49
E3George Nick  47
E4Brian Griffin 35
Vet1Nathan Gray 463
Vet2Michael Dunn 371
Vet3Rene Latiolais 324
Vet4Tim Halbrook 313
SVET1Bert Stelly 355
SVET2Bobby Raburn 227
SVET3Steven Hollier 178
SVET4Sidney Lyons 169
SSVET1Dan Lavergne 576
SSVET2Ruben Spell 321
SSVET3Dev Moring 130
SSVET4Chip Gomilia 88
LeG1John Digiglia 531
Leg2Brian Brewton 56
Leg3None 0
Leg4None 0
Lady1Candice Breaux 196
Lady2Kayla Marcel 52
Lady3Mary Johnson 40
Lady4Faith Ledoux 39
 Jun1Cameron Dowies 172
 Jun2Mathew Lorio 129
 Jun3Cole Arceneau 88
 Jun 4Sam Daigle 44
Sub Jun1Kagan Boone 110
Sub Jun2Parker Richard 96
Sub Jun3Jack Roberie 43
Sub Jun4Hunter Authement 28

Frequently asked questions:
Q.  I punched up this month, why am I still in the old Class?
A. To ease the bookkeeping, you were assigned to the  (12 gauge) Class as of the first $&B event you attended.
Q.  I have the most points in Class and Concurrent, why am I number 1 in the Class only?
A.  A person is allowed to win (one time) his/her Class or Concurrent — not both.  This way we will guarantee 14 winners.
Q. This is the third Race, am I out of the running at this point in time?
A.  Absolutely not!!  Besides three more races (in Central, East and North Louisiana), you have the State Championship as a BONUS event.  The State Championship is offering 900 targets.

Good Luck.

Louisiana Sporting Clays Association
April 2021

Greenbacks & Buckles Leaderboard
as of February  2021

(Remember a person can only win in one category)
Master Class:  Michael Latiolais       486 Points
AA Class:        Blaine Maturin           274 Point 
A Class:           Kevin Ledoux           231 Points
B Class:        James Smith             203  Points
C Class:          Gary Clark                 174 Points
D Class:          Rene Latiolais            218 Points
E Class:          Timothy Kolb               50 Points
VET:                Michael Dunn            371 Points
SVET:             Bert Stelly                 355 Points
SSVT:             Dan Lavergne           388 Points
LEG:               John Digiglia              309 Points
LADY:             Candice Breaux           75 Points
             JUN:                 Cameron Dowies       172 Points                
SUB JUN:       Kagan Boone             110 Points

Greenback & Buckle Race SummaryRace 1:  Wilderness Gun Club: 48 Shooters, 8,300 targets, 5049 broken, 61% success rate. 
Race 2:  Ed’s Gun Club:  58 shooters, 9400 targets, 7242 broken, 77% success rate.
Race 3:  Bayou Country — Saturday March 20th  Registration open on Scorechaser
Race 4:  Red Chute — Barksdale Saturday / Sunday April 24/25 
Race 5:  Natchitoches Sportsman’s Assoc.  Saturday May 8th.
Bonus:  LSCA State Championship May 13/18th. Covey Rise Gun Club
Race 6:  Wild Wings, Saturday/Sunday June 26th&27th.
 Congratulations to all of the point leaders as of the second $&B Race in February.  Remember you earn one point for every target broken and RESHOOTS count.  So come early and shoot late — BREAK LOTS of TARGETS!   The prize, will be awarded (in his/her Class/Concurrent) for the most total cumulative points earned at the conclusion of June 2021 $&B Race.  The prize will be:  the shooters choice of either $0.06 per target broken or $0.03 per target broken and a beautiful trophy buckle.

Our second $&B event at Ed’s Sporting Clays Range saw 58 shooters shoot (at) 9,400 Registered Targets and successfully break 7242 (77%).  The turnout was great and the terrible cold weather gave way to sunshine (sunburn weather) and cold temperatures.   Thank you Ed for the wonderful hospitality and warm chili (and cookies) on a cold day. 
Scheduled Registered Shoots for May 2021
(as always please check shooter pages before you travel)

May 1st, Saturday Ed’s Sporting Clays Range
May 8th, Saturday, Natchitoches Sportsman’s Association $&B Race
May 13/16th, LSCA Championship, Covey Rise  REGISTER ON SCORECHASER
May 21 & 22, Friday and Saturday, Wilderness Gun Club
May 22nd, Saturday Red Chute — Barksdale AFB
May 29th, Saturday, 3D Shooting Range

Fundraiser Information received after the Gazette was sent out:March 26th, CCA 9th Annual Sporting Clays Classic, Covey Rise, $800 for a team of 4, Contact Pierre Villere @ 985-727-4310 x107  or, for more information.
March 20th, Wilderness Gun Club, Krewe of Triton, contact Randy Carroll @ 713-932-5138 or
April 10th, ULL Sporting Clays team Fundraiser, Wilderness Gun Club, $400 per team, contact Kendall Reed at 337-298-2845 for more information.
FIRST SHOTSThe first NSSF/LSCA “First Shots” on March 7th, introduced 16 people to the fun of Sporting Clays.  A big thanks goes to Ed Simon of Ed’s Sporting Goods & Sporting Clays Range for hosting the event.  Assistant instructors who provided leadership to the new shooters were Mike Dunn, Richard Laughlin, David Lansou, Michael Latiolais and Rusty Andre.  A special thank you to Ann Gamauf with NSSF for support, training material and guidance.  Casey Chase with Scorechaser provided much needed visibility and a huge teaching aide. The participants had fun and accomplished the objective of (safely) hands on familiarity with Sporting Clays.  
Young NSCA members in the News
Congratulations NSSA High All Around World Skeet Champion, Plus NSSA Doubles World Skeet Champion Runner Up:  Jacob Moore
4H East Baton Rouge Invitational Shoot:  1st Place, Jesse Fontenot. 2nd Place, Matthew Lorio and 3rd Place Grant Dunn.
Hotel Information State Championship at Covey Rise
Call Hotel to verify Information
Latest Information on Covey Rise website
Baymont Inn & Suites, 42309 S. Morrison Blvd, Hammond, LA 70403 Contact Ken 985-662-5182 (27 Miles from CR)
Calloway Inn, 2010 S. Morrison Blvd, Hammond, LA  70403, Rate $49.99 Double, $44.99King contact Yolanda 985-542-9425 (26 miles from CR)
Comfort Inn – Hammond, 110 Westin Oaks, Hammond, LA 70403, Rate $89.00Double $89.00King expires 4/12/21 Contact Front Desk 985-429-0120. (25 miles from CR)
Courtyard by Marriott, 1605 S. Magnolia St, Hammond, LA. 70403, Rate $107.00 King, Expires 4/22/21 Contact Front Desk 985-956-7730 (24 Miles from CR).
Days Inn, 2150 SW Railroad Ave, Hammond, LA 70403, Call for rate, Contact Front Desk, 985-419-1000 (26 miles from CR)
Friendly Inn, 43076 S. Airport Rd., Hammond, LA 70403, Call for rate, Call Front Desk, 985-542-9939 (23 miles from CR)
Hampton Inn, 401 Westin Oaks Dr., Hammond, LA 70403, $99.00Double, $99.00 King good until 4/30/21, Contact D’Ann/Front Desk 985-419-2188 (25 miles from CR)
Holiday Inn, 1819 SW Railroad Ave, Hammond, LA 70403, $104+ w/Breakfast, Rate good until 4/13/21, Contact Christina 985-662-3877 (23 miles from CR)
LaQuinta Inn, 42126 Veterans Ave, Hammond, LA 70403, Rate $85 Double Rate good until 4/13/21, Contact Etinelle or Front Desk 985-345-4742 (27 miles from CR)
Microtel 727 W. Pine St, Ponchatoula, LA 70454, Current Rate, Contact Front Desk, 985-386-8866 (29 miles from CR)
Quality Inn 2001 SW Railroad Ave, Hammond, LA 70403, Rated Double $75.95 Rate good until 5/1/21 Contact Front Desk 985-345-1900 (23 Miles from CR)
Red Roof Plus+, 46053 N. Puma Dr, Hammond, LA 70401 Current Rate, Contact Front Desk, 985-345-0003 (24 miles from CR)
Suburban Extended Stay/Econo Lodge, 408 Westin Oak Dr., Hammond, LA 70403, Current Rate, Contact Front Desk 985-345-8585 (25 miles from CR)
Super 8 Motel, 200 Westin Oak Dr., Hammond, LA 70403, Current Rate, Contact Front Desk 985-429-8088 (25 miles from CR)
SureStay Plus by Best Western, 107 Duo Dr., Hammond, LA 70403, $84.99 Double, Contact Front Desk 985-419-2001 (23 miles from CR).
Comfort Inn – Amite, 1117 W. Oak St, Amite, LA 70422, Current Rate, Contact Viral Patel 985-748-5550 (17 miles from CR)
Holiday Inn Express – Amite, 60043 Westway Dr. Amite, LA 70422, Current Rate, Contact Viral Patel 985-747-0400 (18 miles from CR)

Louisiana Sporting Clays Association  
February 2021 Edition
Louisiana Fundraiser Gazette
List of Louisiana Fundraisers

Before traveling please verify fundraiser informationSporting Clays fundraisers are a great way to support local charities  and introduce new people to the fun of amateur sporting clays competition.    In support of Louisiana fundraisers, the LSCA has partnered with the NSSF to safely introduce new shooters to the fundamentals of sporting clays before attending their first fundraiser.  The FIRST SHOTS (c) training sessions are listed in this monthly Gazette.
First Shots
March 7th, Ed’s Sporting Clays Range, Kaplan, LA. Session starts at 1PM and ends at 3:30 PM.  50 target simulated fundraiser.  Emphasis on new shooter safety and introduction to the fun of sporting clays.  Cost $25 range fee. Registration cut off February 28th. Contact Dan Lavergne @ 337-962-3822 for more information  or to register for this training.  
 FebruaryFebruary 20th, 4H in Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes, Bayou Country Range, Houma, LA., Three flights, 4 man team $480, individual walk up $120, also youth rate available.  Call Leann Leblanc @ 985-804-0059 for more information. 
February 27th, St. Cecilla Fun Shoot, GOL, Maurice, LA Adult team $500, Youth Team $250, Registration @8AM, shoot starts @9AM, Contact Tara Boone at for more information.
MarchMarch 6th, 3rd Annual Lafayette Shoot Benefiting Ducks Unlimited, GOL, Maurice, LA  Information on Lashooterpages.
March 19th, Farm Bureau Shoot, Los Paloma, Benton, LA, Registration starts 7:30 AM Shoot starts at 9AM. 4 man team $500, Call Chris Long 318-210-4254 for more information.March 20th, LA Acadiana Safari Club International Chapter, GOL, Maurice, LA.Registration starts at 8AM, Shoot starts at 9AM, $100 per person, $400 team of 4.  Call Les Babin @337-280-6851
March 27th, Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, Shreveport Gun Club, Shreveport, LA.  “Shoot Happens” family friendly Sporting Clays event.  Call Carole Bennett @ 318-677-2500 for more information.
March 27th, Unite Ministries (A Foster Care Ministry), Los Paloma, Benton, LA, Registration 7AM, Shoot starts @8AM, 4 man team $400, call Jessica Anderson@ 318-426-5683 for more information.
AprilApril 10th,  Rotary Club of Lafayette, Ed’s Sporting Clays Range, Kaplan, LA  Registration starts at 8AM, Shoot starts at 9AM.  $100 per person, $400 team of 4.  Call Kevin Caswell @337-258-9698 for more information.
April 10th, NWLA Delta Waterfowl, Los Paloma, Benton, LA Registration starts at 8:30AM shoot starts at 9AM, 4 man team $500, call Ben Cothran @318-505-5164 for more information.
April 17th, Knights of Columbus Council 8901 (St. Pius), Ed’s Sporting Clays Range, Kaplan, LA Registration starts at 8AM, Shoot starts at 9AM, $100 per person, $400 per team of 4.  Call Brian Decou @337-322-1495 for more information.
 MayMay 1st, Logansport Touchdown Club, Los Paloma, Benton, LA. Registration @8AM, shoot starts @9AM, $400 for a 4 man team.  Call Kandi Magee at 318-347-4054.
May 8th, Grawood Baptist Church, Los Paloma, Benton, LA, Registration @8AM, shoot starts at  9AM, $400 for a 4 man team, Call Clint McCulough @ 318-423-3286
May 23rd, Benton Baseball, Los Paloma, Benton, LA. Registration @ 1PM shoot starts @ 2PM, 4-man team $400, Call Ivy Russell @ 318-453-3275 for more information.
May 29th, First Baptist Church Haughton, Los Paloma, Benton, LA. Registration 8AM, shoot starts at 9AM, 4 man team $400, Call Joey Anwar 318-573-9580 for more information. 

Greenbacks & Buckles Leaderboard
as of January 2021
(Remember a person can only win in one category)
Master Class:  Michael Latiolais       311 Points
AA Class:        Blaine Maturin           141 Points
A Class:          Les Babin                  139 Points
B Class:          Tim Methvin              115 Points
C Class:          Bobby Raburn           115 Points
D Class:          Rene Latiolais           104 Points
E Class:          Timothy Kolb               50 Points
VET:                Michael Dunn            223 Points
SVET:             Bert Stelly                  165 Points
SSVT:             Dan Lavergne            245 Points
LEG:               John Digiglia              135 Points
LADY:             Candice Breaux           75 Points
JUN:               None                             None
SUB JUN:       Kagan Boone               59 Points

Congratulations to all of the point leaders as of the first $&B Race in January.  Remember you earn one point for every target broken and RESHOOTS count.  So come early and shoot late — BREAK LOTS of TARGETS!   The prize, in his/her Class/Concurrent for the most points earned  after the June 2021 $&B Race will be:  the shooters choice of either $0.06 per target broken or $0.03 per target broken and a beautiful trophy buckle.

Our first $&B event at Wilderness Gun Club saw 48 shooters shoot 8,300 Registered Targets and break 5,049 (61%).  It was a great turnout and it was a challenge to fight the wind.  The name of the shoot was “Cool Clays” but I think “Windy Clays” would have been more appropriate.  The  crawfish étouffée lunch on Friday was great.  Thanks Josie.  


March 20th Buckle Race #3 is at Bayou Country.  
April 2&3rd Buckle Race #4 is at Covey Rise.
May 8th Buckle Race #5 is at Natchitoches. 
May 13th to 17th “Bonus” Race is at the State Championship at Covey Rise.
June 26th Buckle Race #6 is at Wild Wings.

Mark your Calendars today!

Registered Shoots
March 2021

(Remember to check Shooterpages before you travel)

Saturday March 6th — Ed’s 
Sunday March 14th — Wilderness Gun Club
Saturday March 20th — Bayou Country Greenbacks and Buckles Race #3
Saturday March 20th — 3D Shooting Center
Sunday March 21st — Covey Rise
Saturday March 27th — Natchitoches 
NOTE:   Our first LSCA/NSSF First Shots program will be on March 7th at Ed’s.  This program is designed to introduce first time clay target shooters to the fun of Sporting Clays. We will have safety briefings and then a simulated 50 target fundraiser event using NSCA rules.  The students will practice shotgun safely by shooting (50 shells) from the stand, have hands on experience of scoring, terminology and NSCA rules. The student must provide a shotgun in safe condition capable of holding 2 shells and two boxes (50 shells) of ammunition.  The program will be from 1PM to 3:30PM.  Cost will be $25 Range fee (Payable to Ed’s).  The NSSF will provide a $25 voucher to spend at Ed’s Range or Store.  Preregistration is a must because we will have one assistant instructor to three students.  The class size will be based on the instructor / student ratio.  Call Dan Lavergne 337-962-3822 or email to register. Confirmation of acceptance will be on February 28th.  

State Championship (May 13th / May 16th) registration is open on Scorechaser. 

The LSCA is conducting two fundraisers to support the State Championship (in May) and the Regional Championship that will be held in September.   All proceeds will be given to Covey Rise to enhance these two events. The first is a gun raffle.  $20 per square, 100 squares for a Beretta A400 — donated by Covey Rise.  The LSCA is also selling Station Sponsorships for $350.  Station Sponsors will have their names (signs) displayed at BOTH the State Championship and the Regional Championship.    Please contact Dan Lavergne if you would like a Station Sponsor sign.  (We have pre sold 11 Station Sponsors as of this date.)  The LSCA will be selling Station Sponsors up to the Regional shoot, so if you want your sign at both shoots act soon.   NEWS
1.    Our new LSCA Website is under construction (   Board member Thomas Sparks has volunteered to take charge of the website.  Thank you Thomas.
2.    Starting is February, the LSCA will start sending out notices about sporting clays fundraisers.  In our previous website we had fundraisers listed. Until we can complete our new website, email blasts notifying member about fundraisers will be sent out.  (So, if you know of an upcoming Sporting Clays fundraiser, please contact Dan at 337-962-3822).

Stay safe,

Dan Lavergne

Louisiana Sporting Clays Association
December 2020

Registered Shoots in December 2020

December 5th&6th  Wild Wings
December 5th 3D Sporting Clays Range
December 12th, Natchitoches Sportsman’s Assoc.
December 13th, Wilderness Gun Club
December 19th, Bridgeview Gun Club

2021 Louisiana Championship Site Selected
At the November 7th LSCA Board Meeting one Club submitted a bid for the 2021 Louisiana State Championship.  The Board of Directors accepted the Covey Rise bid and set the date of May 13,14,15 & 16, 2021.  Thank you Vice President Mike Dunn for coordinating the State Championship bid process.
Something New

 In 2021, the LSCA will replace the Lagniappe Cup with the GREENBACKS and BUCKLE (G&B) Race.   In 2021, each month a different LSCA Club has designated one Registered Shoot as a Greenbacks and Buckle Race shoot.  Louisiana shooters will earn one point for each “Registered” target broken (Targets Only also counts).  At the end of June 2021, the shooters with the highest number of points will receive either Greenbacks or Buckles.  The shooter will have his/her choice of either $.03 a broken target and a beautiful buckle OR $.06 a broken target.  Shooter’s choice.  

 So mark the Shooting calendars and plan to attend these fun shoots.

G&B #1   January 15th & 16th Wilderness Gun Club
G&B #2   February 20th, Ed’s Sporting Clays Range
G&B #3       March 20th, Bayou Country Gun Range
G&B #4              April 2nd & 3rd, Covey Rise Range
G&B #5  May 8th, Natchitoches Sportsman’s Assoc.
G&B #6                  June 25th and 26th, Wild Wings

G&B BONUS SHOOT            Louisiana State Championship We will have 14 winners in the G&B Race. M,AA,A,B,C,D,E,Veteran,Super Veteran, Senior Super Veteran, Legacy, Lady, Junior and Sub Junior.  Note: your class/concurrent will be fixed by your first shoot.  So you will stay in that class even if you punch up during the six months.  At the shoot, all 12 gauge and small gauge NSCA registered broken targets count.
An individual shooter can only win one time, so we will have 14 different winners.  A monthly leader board will be published in the LSCA Newsletter. The objective of this Race is to encourage members to visit Clubs throughout Louisiana and experience shooting the different courses. The fun of sporting clays is breaking targets so we encourage the shooters to shoot “NSCA Registered Targets Only” when they have completed the scheduled event.  

We hope that we have created a fun experience that incorporates, at the State level, the best of the NSCA Championship Tour and NSCA Rewards Program.  Many thanks to the Board Members and Club Managers that collaborated in creating this program.  Everyone is trying to make the LSCA better.
 Highlights from the November 7th Board Meeting
 1.  Adopted LSCA Plans and Objectives for 2021.
2.  Replaced Lagniappe Cup with Greenbacks & Buckle Race.
3.  Selected host Club for 2021 Louisiana Championship.
4.  Selected dates for Registered shoots for 2021.  Note: Final shoot dates will be published when shoot names are finalized.   LSCA Clubs are reminded to pay their LSCA and NSCA dues for 2021 in order to remain in good standing.   Shoot dates are contingent on maintaining good standing.

We are still struggling as a State with the COVID situation.  Let us remember to be kind to each other because we do not know what personal burden COVID has unleashed on our neighbors.   

If you have any questions, please call me.
Dan Lavergne, President LSCA 337-962-3822  

Stay safe.


Louisiana Sporting Clays Association
November 2020

November 2020 Registered Shoots

Saturday 11/7/20  Bridgeview Gun Club
Friday/Saturday 11/13-14/20 Wilderness Gun Club
Friday 11/27/20  Ed’s Sporting Clays Range
Saturday 11/28/20  3D Gun Club

Important LSCA Board Meeting 
When:  11/7/20
Where:  Bridgeview Gun Club
Time:  2:30 PM

Tentative Agenda:
1.  Normal LSCA Business.
2.  Selection of Host Club/Date for 2021 LSCA Championship.
3.  Assignment of Registered Shoot Dates for 2021

Note:  LSCA members are invited to witness the working of the LSCA Board.   Only Board Members can vote, but observers are welcome.  
Finding Louisiana Registered ShootsDon’t forget, on December 1st our long time internet provider, Scoringpro will go dark.  Right now, you will have to use Score Chaser software to register and view scores for these Clubs:

1.  Ed’s
2.  Wilderness Gun Cub
3.  Red Chute (Barksdale)

And right now iclays for 3 D Shooting Center.
 Final Note     We are looking forward to 2021. Next year, two major shoots will take place in Louisiana, our State Championship in May and the South Central Regional Championship in September.  Our First Shots Program in partnership with the NSSF is scheduled to kick off in the Spring.  A new fun program with lots of prizes is being planned to replace the Lagniappe Cup in 2021. Member Clubs are planning a full year of weekend Registered shoots.  2021 is looking like a great year for the LSCA.

Questions or comments please let me know.

Stay safe.

Dan Lavergne
President, LSCA