August 2021 Newsletter

August Registered Tournaments
(Please check Shooterspage before you travel)

August 8th, Wilderness Gun Club
August 14th& 15th, 3D Shooting Center
August 14th, Bridgeview
August 21st, Covey Rise
August 21st, Red Chute
August 28th, Ed’s
August 28th & 29th, Wild Wings ($&B Event)

Greenbacks & Buckles Events
July 16th & 17th Wilderness Gun Club
July 24th and 25th Red Chute
August 28th & 29th, Wild Wings

 Don’t forget to put the Greenbacks and Buckles events on your calendar.  The second Leg starts at Wilderness on July 16th and 17th.  Registration is on Scorechaser.  This is your initial chance to rack up points in the first event of the Second Leg.  Remember, you earn one point for every broken target and Targets Only counts.  There will be 14 separate winners (a person can only win in one category).  So come early and stay late breaking targets. The person who breaks the most targets in his/her category will win either all cash ($0.06 per broken target) or
cash ($0.03 per broken target) and a Trophy Buckle.  A monthly leaderboard will be published.  At this point in the competition anyone can win!

In the first Leg of the Greenbacks and Buckles Race about half of the LSCA membership participated and broke more than 113,000 targets.  Put the rest of the second Leg of the Greenbacks and Buckle Race locations on your calendar.
South Central Regional Update“Whether you are just a window shopper or ready to indulge in an end-of-summer shopping spree, we’ve got it all for you at South Central.  You can expect to see all of the hard to find vendors located in vendor row, don’t miss out on those items you have had your eye on!  Entrants are also over 450 and climbing.”Julia Gilman, Event Coordinator
 Note:  Register on Scorechaser

Have a safe Summer and remember the top three Safety Rules.

1.  Always point your shotgun in a safe direction.
2.  Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
3.  Always keep your shotgun unloaded until you are ready to shoot.

Dan Lavergne
President, LSCA

Questions or Comments please contact Dan Lavergne @337-962-3822 or