Louisiana Sporting Clays Association December 2020

Louisiana Sporting Clays Association
December 2020

Registered Shoots in December 2020

December 5th&6th  Wild Wings
December 5th 3D Sporting Clays Range
December 12th, Natchitoches Sportsman’s Assoc.
December 13th, Wilderness Gun Club
December 19th, Bridgeview Gun Club

2021 Louisiana Championship Site Selected
At the November 7th LSCA Board Meeting one Club submitted a bid for the 2021 Louisiana State Championship.  The Board of Directors accepted the Covey Rise bid and set the date of May 13,14,15 & 16, 2021.  Thank you Vice President Mike Dunn for coordinating the State Championship bid process.
Something New

 In 2021, the LSCA will replace the Lagniappe Cup with the GREENBACKS and BUCKLE (G&B) Race.   In 2021, each month a different LSCA Club has designated one Registered Shoot as a Greenbacks and Buckle Race shoot.  Louisiana shooters will earn one point for each “Registered” target broken (Targets Only also counts).  At the end of June 2021, the shooters with the highest number of points will receive either Greenbacks or Buckles.  The shooter will have his/her choice of either $.03 a broken target and a beautiful buckle OR $.06 a broken target.  Shooter’s choice.  

 So mark the Shooting calendars and plan to attend these fun shoots.

G&B #1   January 15th & 16th Wilderness Gun Club
G&B #2   February 20th, Ed’s Sporting Clays Range
G&B #3       March 20th, Bayou Country Gun Range
G&B #4              April 2nd & 3rd, Covey Rise Range
G&B #5  May 8th, Natchitoches Sportsman’s Assoc.
G&B #6                  June 25th and 26th, Wild Wings

G&B BONUS SHOOT            Louisiana State Championship We will have 14 winners in the G&B Race. M,AA,A,B,C,D,E,Veteran,Super Veteran, Senior Super Veteran, Legacy, Lady, Junior and Sub Junior.  Note: your class/concurrent will be fixed by your first shoot.  So you will stay in that class even if you punch up during the six months.  At the shoot, all 12 gauge and small gauge NSCA registered broken targets count.
An individual shooter can only win one time, so we will have 14 different winners.  A monthly leader board will be published in the LSCA Newsletter. The objective of this Race is to encourage members to visit Clubs throughout Louisiana and experience shooting the different courses. The fun of sporting clays is breaking targets so we encourage the shooters to shoot “NSCA Registered Targets Only” when they have completed the scheduled event.  

We hope that we have created a fun experience that incorporates, at the State level, the best of the NSCA Championship Tour and NSCA Rewards Program.  Many thanks to the Board Members and Club Managers that collaborated in creating this program.  Everyone is trying to make the LSCA better.
 Highlights from the November 7th Board Meeting
 1.  Adopted LSCA Plans and Objectives for 2021.
2.  Replaced Lagniappe Cup with Greenbacks & Buckle Race.
3.  Selected host Club for 2021 Louisiana Championship.
4.  Selected dates for Registered shoots for 2021.  Note: Final shoot dates will be published when shoot names are finalized.   LSCA Clubs are reminded to pay their LSCA and NSCA dues for 2021 in order to remain in good standing.   Shoot dates are contingent on maintaining good standing.

We are still struggling as a State with the COVID situation.  Let us remember to be kind to each other because we do not know what personal burden COVID has unleashed on our neighbors.   

If you have any questions, please call me.
Dan Lavergne, President LSCA 337-962-3822  

Stay safe.