Greenbacks & Buckles Leaderboard
as of January 2021
(Remember a person can only win in one category)
Master Class:  Michael Latiolais       311 Points
AA Class:        Blaine Maturin           141 Points
A Class:          Les Babin                  139 Points
B Class:          Tim Methvin              115 Points
C Class:          Bobby Raburn           115 Points
D Class:          Rene Latiolais           104 Points
E Class:          Timothy Kolb               50 Points
VET:                Michael Dunn            223 Points
SVET:             Bert Stelly                  165 Points
SSVT:             Dan Lavergne            245 Points
LEG:               John Digiglia              135 Points
LADY:             Candice Breaux           75 Points
JUN:               None                             None
SUB JUN:       Kagan Boone               59 Points

Congratulations to all of the point leaders as of the first $&B Race in January.  Remember you earn one point for every target broken and RESHOOTS count.  So come early and shoot late — BREAK LOTS of TARGETS!   The prize, in his/her Class/Concurrent for the most points earned  after the June 2021 $&B Race will be:  the shooters choice of either $0.06 per target broken or $0.03 per target broken and a beautiful trophy buckle.

Our first $&B event at Wilderness Gun Club saw 48 shooters shoot 8,300 Registered Targets and break 5,049 (61%).  It was a great turnout and it was a challenge to fight the wind.  The name of the shoot was “Cool Clays” but I think “Windy Clays” would have been more appropriate.  The  crawfish étouffée lunch on Friday was great.  Thanks Josie.  


March 20th Buckle Race #3 is at Bayou Country.  
April 2&3rd Buckle Race #4 is at Covey Rise.
May 8th Buckle Race #5 is at Natchitoches. 
May 13th to 17th “Bonus” Race is at the State Championship at Covey Rise.
June 26th Buckle Race #6 is at Wild Wings.

Mark your Calendars today!

Registered Shoots
March 2021

(Remember to check Shooterpages before you travel)

Saturday March 6th — Ed’s 
Sunday March 14th — Wilderness Gun Club
Saturday March 20th — Bayou Country Greenbacks and Buckles Race #3
Saturday March 20th — 3D Shooting Center
Sunday March 21st — Covey Rise
Saturday March 27th — Natchitoches 
NOTE:   Our first LSCA/NSSF First Shots program will be on March 7th at Ed’s.  This program is designed to introduce first time clay target shooters to the fun of Sporting Clays. We will have safety briefings and then a simulated 50 target fundraiser event using NSCA rules.  The students will practice shotgun safely by shooting (50 shells) from the stand, have hands on experience of scoring, terminology and NSCA rules. The student must provide a shotgun in safe condition capable of holding 2 shells and two boxes (50 shells) of ammunition.  The program will be from 1PM to 3:30PM.  Cost will be $25 Range fee (Payable to Ed’s).  The NSSF will provide a $25 voucher to spend at Ed’s Range or Store.  Preregistration is a must because we will have one assistant instructor to three students.  The class size will be based on the instructor / student ratio.  Call Dan Lavergne 337-962-3822 or email to register. Confirmation of acceptance will be on February 28th.  

State Championship (May 13th / May 16th) registration is open on Scorechaser. 

The LSCA is conducting two fundraisers to support the State Championship (in May) and the Regional Championship that will be held in September.   All proceeds will be given to Covey Rise to enhance these two events. The first is a gun raffle.  $20 per square, 100 squares for a Beretta A400 — donated by Covey Rise.  The LSCA is also selling Station Sponsorships for $350.  Station Sponsors will have their names (signs) displayed at BOTH the State Championship and the Regional Championship.    Please contact Dan Lavergne if you would like a Station Sponsor sign.  (We have pre sold 11 Station Sponsors as of this date.)  The LSCA will be selling Station Sponsors up to the Regional shoot, so if you want your sign at both shoots act soon.   NEWS
1.    Our new LSCA Website is under construction (   Board member Thomas Sparks has volunteered to take charge of the website.  Thank you Thomas.
2.    Starting is February, the LSCA will start sending out notices about sporting clays fundraisers.  In our previous website we had fundraisers listed. Until we can complete our new website, email blasts notifying member about fundraisers will be sent out.  (So, if you know of an upcoming Sporting Clays fundraiser, please contact Dan at 337-962-3822).

Stay safe,

Dan Lavergne