March Greenbacks & Buckles Update

Louisiana Sporting Clays Association
Greenbacks and Buckle Race
Results as of March 2021

Greenback & Buckle Race Summary
Race 1:  Wilderness Gun Club: 48 Shooters, 8,300 targets, 5049 broken, 61% success rate. 
Race 2:  Ed’s Gun Club:  58 shooters, 9400 targets, 7242 broken, 77% success rate.
Race 3:  Bayou Country:  42 shooters, 6,900 targets, 4,436 broken, 64% success rate.
Race 4:  Red Chute — Barksdale Saturday / Sunday April 24/25. 
Race 5:  Natchitoches Sportsman’s Assoc.  Saturday May 8th.
Bonus:  LSCA State Championship May 13/18th. Covey Rise Gun Club.
Race 6:  Wild Wings, Saturday/Sunday June 26th&27th.

Congratulations to all of the point leaders as of the third $&B Race in March.  Remember you earn one point for every target broken and RESHOOTS count.  So come early and shoot late — BREAK LOTS of TARGETS!   The prize, will be awarded (in his/her Class/Concurrent) for the most total cumulative points earned at the conclusion of June 2021 $&B Race.  The prize will be:  the shooters choice of either $0.06 per target broken or $0.03 per target broken and a beautiful trophy buckle.
 Our third $&B event at Bayou Country Sporting Clays Range saw 44 shooters shoot (at) 6,900 Registered Targets and successfully break 4,436  (64%).  It was a great turnout, especially considering all of the fundraiser Sporting Clays same day activity in the area.   A big Thank You to all the folks at Bayou Country for your hospitality (and the birthday cake was delicious!).
Leaderboard as of March

March  Total Points
M1Michael Latiolais 653
M2J Dan Lavergne 576
M3Nathan Gray 463
M4Michael Dunn 371
AA1Blaine Maturin 274
AA2Ricky Perez 243
AA3Gary Rudick 198
AA4Grady Gibbons 160
A1Kevin Ledoux 231
A2John Landry 214
A3Cody Mcelroy 181
A4Cameron Dowies 172
B1James Smith 203
B2R P Breaux 188
B3Joseph Darby 177
B4Sidney Lyons 169
C1Gary Clark 174
C2Matthew Arceneaux138
C3Caleb Mayard 125
C4Bobby Raburn 115
D1Scott Doucet  333
D2Rene Latiolais 324
D3Jeff Gaudet 227
D4Satish Arora 201
E1Timothy Kolb 50
E2Julian Richards 49
E3George Nick  47
E4Brian Griffin 35
Vet1Nathan Gray 463
Vet2Michael Dunn 371
Vet3Rene Latiolais 324
Vet4Tim Halbrook 313
SVET1Bert Stelly 355
SVET2Bobby Raburn 227
SVET3Steven Hollier 178
SVET4Sidney Lyons 169
SSVET1Dan Lavergne 576
SSVET2Ruben Spell 321
SSVET3Dev Moring 130
SSVET4Chip Gomilia 88
LeG1John Digiglia 531
Leg2Brian Brewton 56
Leg3None 0
Leg4None 0
Lady1Candice Breaux 196
Lady2Kayla Marcel 52
Lady3Mary Johnson 40
Lady4Faith Ledoux 39
 Jun1Cameron Dowies 172
 Jun2Mathew Lorio 129
 Jun3Cole Arceneau 88
 Jun 4Sam Daigle 44
Sub Jun1Kagan Boone 110
Sub Jun2Parker Richard 96
Sub Jun3Jack Roberie 43
Sub Jun4Hunter Authement 28

Frequently asked questions:
Q.  I punched up this month, why am I still in the old Class?
A. To ease the bookkeeping, you were assigned to the  (12 gauge) Class as of the first $&B event you attended.
Q.  I have the most points in Class and Concurrent, why am I number 1 in the Class only?
A.  A person is allowed to win (one time) his/her Class or Concurrent — not both.  This way we will guarantee 14 winners.
Q. This is the third Race, am I out of the running at this point in time?
A.  Absolutely not!!  Besides three more races (in Central, East and North Louisiana), you have the State Championship as a BONUS event.  The State Championship is offering 900 targets.

Good Luck.