May 2021 Newsletter

Louisiana Sporting Clays AssociationNewsletter
May 2021

June 2021 Registered Shoots 
(Please verify shoot information before you travel).

June 12th, 3D Shooting Center
June 12th, Covey Rise
June 18th & 19th, Wilderness Gun Club
June 26th & 27th, Wild Wings(Buckle Race Shoot)
June 26th, Ed’s Sporting Clays Range
June 26th, Bayou Country Sporting Clays Range

Notice of Board of Directors Meeting
 The next Board of Directors Meeting will be held at the State championship at Covey Rise on Saturday May 15th at 4PM.  Per the LSCA Bylaws, the election of officers and Board of Directors for the upcoming 2021/2023 term will be held at this meeting.  LSCA members are welcome to attend and witness the workings of the LSCA.  
Members Nominated for the LSCA Officers and Board of Directors for the 2021/2023 term.

Dan Lavergne, President*
Thomas Sparks, Vice President (webmaster)
Mike Dunn, Secretary-Treasurer*
David King, North Zone
Mike Murphy, North Zone
Thomas Sparks, East Zone
Matthew Lorio, East Zone
Bert Stelly, West Zone
Steve Hollier, West Zone
Dan Lavergne, National Delegate**
Jim Russo, National Delegate**
Brian Carroll, National Delegate**
Eddie Baker, National Delegate**
Eddie Baker, Bridgeview Gun Club**
Ronnie Triche, Bayou Country Gun Club**
Jim Geisler, III, Covey Rise Gun Club**
Josie Richard, Wilderness Gun Club**
Ed Simon, Ed’s Sporting Clays Range**
Shannon Dowies, 3D Shooting Center**
Brian Carroll, Natchitoches Shooting Range**
Paul Williamson, Red Chute Shotgun Sports Club**
Dickie Jester, Los Paloma Sporting Range**
Jeffery Smith, Wild Wings***  Bylaws amended in 2021 to eliminate term limits.
** Automatic member of the Board of Directors per Bylaws.

Additional nominations should be sent to Richard Laughlin, Secretary of the LSCA.
LSCA Logo Shirts
Rene Latiolais and Jim Russo have teamed up to provide a first (small) batch of nice LSCA Logo Shirts.  This is our first effort to promote the LSCA through logo items.  Many thanks to Rene for volunteering to head up this project (and do all the hard work).  The LSCA needs $15 per shirt to recover the cost of the shirt.  Rene will bring the shirts to Registered shoots, his cell is 337-278-8521.  We will evaluate the demand for LSCA logo items using this first test (small) batch of shirts. 
State Championship & Regional Championship Station Sponsor Signs
LSCA is promoting Station Sponsor signs for the State Championship and Regional Championship at Covey Rise.  All proceeds go to support these events.  The cost of a sign is $350.  If the sign is purchased before the State Championship it will be displayed at both the State and Regional Championships.  (Then we will use the same sign at the Regional Championship.)  Contact Dan Lavergne for more information.  A detailed flyer will be sent to the membership at a later date.
Last Minute Reminder
 April 24th & 25th, Red Chute Shotgun Sports BUCKLE RACE SHOOT.
May 8th, Natchitoches, BUCKLE RACE SHOOT.
May 13 to 16th, Covey Rise, State Championship and BUCKLE RACE SHOOT.
June 26th & 27th, Wild Wings, BUCKLE RACE SHOOT. 
Questions or comments, please contact Dan Lavergne at 337-962-3822 or