Safety Information

Safety Rules


  • Always follow Club specific posted Safety Rules.
  • Always point your shotgun (loaded or unloaded) in a safe direction.  Common sense dictates a safe direction depending on the circumstances.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.  You are ready to shoot when you are in the stand, gun pointed in a safe direction and you are ready to call PULL.
  • Always keep your shotgun UNLOADED until you are ready to shoot.


Other Common-Sense Safety Rules


  1. Always wear eye and ear protection.  (Protect your eyes from broken target chips and your hearing).
  2. Always load only when in the designated shooting area (stand or hoop).
  3. Always travel between shooting stations with an unloaded shotgun.  (Keep the action open to let your fellow shooters see that your shotgun is unloaded).
  4. Only one person shoots at a time.  (Backup shooting is not safe).
  5. Shot size is limited to 9, 8, 8.5 & 7.5 lead shot.  (Steel shot and larger lead shot travels beyond safety zones).
  6. Don’t touch a trap machine if it malfunctions.   Call management to fix it.  (You want to keep all your fingers.)
  7. Don’t shoot if you can see an employee loading or fixing a trap machine. (Trap mechanics are hard to find so don’t shoot them).
  8. If little ones are accompanying you, please keep them safe.  (They like to wander and pick up broken targets.)
  9. Your shotgun must be in good working condition. (For your safety and the safety of the people around you.)
  10. Never carry 12- and 20-gauge shells together.  (A 20-gauge shell will fit into a 12-gauge barrel.  The stuck 20-gauge shell will cause the 12-gauge barrel to burst and throw pieces of barrel at you and your squad mates.)
  11. Ammunition malfunctions happen. If this occurs, keep your shotgun pointed in a safe direction until you are sure the shell will not fire.  (The tendency is to swing the shotgun toward the back of the stand and examine the malfunction.  Don’t do this.)

Finally – Remember Safety is everyone’s responsibility.  If you see an unsafe act, please mention it to the shooter/management in a courteous way.  (Remember the goal is to obtain safety compliance and not to embarrass the shooter/management.)